Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This software from Microsoft provides realistic graphics while teaching you how to fly a variety of different exciting aircraft

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014

Take the controls of one of the numerous airplanes available to try to stay on course among obstacles that come your way.

The flight simulator puts you in the cockpit of one of many airplanes as well as a few helicopters. The planes range from small single engines to large jets. It's best to start with the smaller planes so that you can get a better grasp of the controls before trying to fly one of the larger planes. You won't see the plane the entire time while you're flying unless you change the view. When you're flying, you'll be able to look through the windshield to see the sky as well as the control panels. If you decide to change the view in the game, you will see the entire plane flying in the air while controlling its movements.

As the pilot, you get to take off, soar through the air while avoiding birds and other planes, and land the craft. Tutorials are given on how to manage the controls before you take flight. The graphics in the game make it feel like you're really in the air. There are buildings beneath you and at the airport when you take off and land. Lines on the runway are clear so that you can see where you're going. Weather can play a factor when you're flying as it can change from sunny to raining or snowing. You can listen to the control tower while you're flying to find out if there are any issues that you need to look out for while you're in the air. When you change the view to see the entire plane while flying, you can see buildings, roads, and cars below. The sounds of the plane are realistic from the engines to the beeps of the controls.


  • Change views
  • Realistic sounds
  • Stunning images


  • Controls are hard to navigate at times
  • Few challenges

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a highly praised flight simulator from Microsoft. Most consider it to offer a realistic flight experience for gamers and aspiring pilots alike. The most recent version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is Simulator X, which offers many improvements over the previous version, Flight Simulator 2004. In the Simulator X version, graphics and presentation have been improved to make for an even more realistic experience of flying.

One highly noteworthy characteristic of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the program's enormous size. Downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator takes up 636.2 MB of storage. After the initial installation, program users choose between three options: releasing flour over targets, taking an introductory test flight, or executing a Caribbean landing. These three exercises help newcomers to Microsoft Flight Simulator to familiarize themselves with controls.

There are quite a few different options for which aircraft a user of Microsoft Flight Simulator can pilot. These options include commercial airliners, helicopters, and Cessnas. The Simulator X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator offers 50 different mission assignments, and these assignments are given as updates from Air Traffic Control.

Another option offered to players of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the choice from among 24,000 different airports located all over the world from which an aircraft can take off. Those who use Microsoft Flight Simulator can expect exquisite detail down to even the most obscure minutiae. For example, developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator claim to have incorporated accurate star map data into presentations of the sky in the game. Players wishing to give themselves a challenge can choose to pilot in adverse weather conditions or an program their craft to malfunction during a flight.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Variety of different missions
  • Game provides hints that help guide beginners


  • Uses up a lot of resources
  • New players may take some time to become accustomed to controls

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